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Type , Location , Sub Location Price $1,650,000

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Confidential Wisconsin Northwoods Resort with 10 rental cabins (only 9 have been used as rentals so far) and a very nice restaurant – bar on a navigable lake located in northern Wisconsin. All cabins are as like new as they come and the restaurant – bar is a real money maker. No confidential information will be shared unless proof of funds and / or a pre-approval letter are provided with a signed confidentiality agreement. This is an excellent resort at a fair price. Serious inquiries only please.

The valuation for this resort is based on several approaches.

1. The real estate alone has a current appraised value of $1,500,000. The owners spent over $172,000 after purchasing the property on new equipment. (The insurance replacement value of all business personal property / equipment is $782,500). The appraised value of all of the business personal property / equipment is $471,900. When we add the appraised value of the real estate to the value of the equipment, we get a total valuation of $1,971,900.

2. The 2017 P & L statement (only through November) shows that the owners spent $172,000 on capital improvements in 2017. If we remove the $172,000 from the equation and only subtract the remaining $137,877 from the Gross Profit, we get a Net Profit of $129,263. Using a capitalization rate of 10%, this provides a valuation of $1,292,630. This appears low compared to the listing price but you need to consider that there is a full month of income missing as well as the trend of increased income that will be shown in the Projections in valuation below.
3. The following changes should significantly increase the income for 2018.
1. Weekly cabin rental rates are increasing $3,825 / week. We project this will increase the annual gross cabin rental by about $46,000 in 2018 based on the same occupancy rate from the 2017 season.

2. The owners are implementing a new pontoon rental program that will add a projected $20,000 in gross income. Based on 2017 boat expenses, this will equate to an additional Net Profit of about $14,000.

3. The restaurant was not open in the winter of 2016 / 2017 so people were not used to coming there. The owners are providing great food and drinks and that business continues to increase noticeably. The owners are also sponsoring several events that should bring in significantly more income as well. We are projecting a 25% increase in food and beverage sales for 2018. This should bring equate to an increase in gross income of over $90,000. Based on 2017 margins, this will equate to an additional Net Profit of about $61,200.

The total projected increase in Net Profit for 2018 is about $121,200. If we add that to the Net Profit for 2017 ($129,263 + $121,200 = $250,463) and use the same capitalization rate of 10%, we get a valuation of $2,504,630.

The owners also have approval to add an 8-unit lodge to the property. There is certainly some value to have the room and the approval for such an addition.

There could also be an option to plat the cabins as condos and sell them. They should average at least $125,000 / each x 10 = $1,500,000. You would still have the restaurant / bar and the option to add 8 more units for rental.

As a side note, one of the 3 bedroom cabins is remote from the other rentals and could be easily used as a managers or owners living quarters.

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